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Get to Know Simply Alaskan Sisters

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It’s All About Timing, Right?

Cindy Cheney Smirnoff and Barbara Cruz Stallone, also known as Simply Alaskan Sisters, are long-time Alaskan residents. Cindy’s family moved to the Kenai Peninsula in 1960 as commercial set-net fishermen. 

Barb was born in the state’s largest city, Anchorage.

 At that time, Alaska was a territory of the United States.

Cindy and Barb aren’t related by blood, but they consider themselves Sisters. Throughout their more than 40 years of friendship, they have always shared their culinary adventures and talents. One day, they decided they should write a cookbook to share their love for the state they call home, and voila'— Alaska's 49 Flavorite' Recipes.... Plus....  was born.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote Alaska’s cuisine, A-Z geography, Kidz Korner Recipes and Alaskan history through our interactive LEARNING cookbook.

Keep up with this book, Our kidz are growing.

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Learn More About Alaska's 49 Flavorite' Recipes