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Not Your Traditional Cookbook

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Foreword: Alaska's 49 Flavorite Recipes

“We Should Write a Cookbook!”

From the Kenai Peninsula for Cindy and Anchorage Bowl and Big Lake for Barb, we share our childhood history from the country life to Alaska’s largest city. Our kitchens express our past lifestyles from albeit often rock-n-roll cooking on the Bering Sea (Deadliest Catch), to no electricity, no running water, mud and ice roads, outhouses, and island living.

We share delicious creative recipes with a smile and say, “Welcome to our Alaska.” We also like to say, “Warning, We BRAG about Alaska” wherever we travel. We share the amazing “Aura of Alaska" with the welcoming folks we meet along our trails.

Oh, have you always wanted to go to Alaska? Alaska’s gold rush history and modern methods of transportation and communication keep it on step with the 'outside ' = our lower contiguous 48 ... 'Aloha,' Hawaii.

All the TV and reality shows only depict some of the highlights of our ''Last Frontier'.

 Do not forget the 49th state is the most sparsely populated of all the states. 

The panhandle of Alaska is just 746 miles from the state of Washington, separated by Canada.

We could have talked proudly about our Northern Lights or the highest mountain in North America, (Denali) or where we can even see Russia. Instead, we chose to share our state in facts, fun, and recipes for all ages, especially children, through our Kidz Korner section and the Alaska State facts, and A-Z Geography.

 No matter the age, anyone will find learning is contagious!

Thumb through our flavor-ite' recipes, but most of all, sit back and discover more about Alaska and bring along your KIDZ

 to learn—children and grandchildren alike. Welcome to the 49th state and the pages of our childhood! 

We dare you not to have fun exploring Alaska.


(pronounced Chah-my)

Meaning, in the  'Inuit' Language..... 


Barb and Cindy, 

Simply Alaskan Sisters

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