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Fun Facts About Alaska 

Welcome to Simply Alaskan Sisters. Before you do some digging on our website, allow us to give you a fair warning: we really love Alaska – a lot.

Beyond the diverse terrain of open spaces, the mountains and the forests, the wildlife, and the many outdoor activities that make our state a perfect place for tourists to explore, Alaska is our little paradise. It’s our haven. It’s our home. If you’d ask us, we wouldn’t trade it for any place in the world.

So we decided to write a cookbook that features Alaska’s cuisine, geography, and history for everyone to enjoy. If you haven’t set foot in our state yet or if you want to revisit its taste and feel through its unique recipes, then congratulations! You’ve just found the perfect book. You can also find recipes for kids, fun facts, and more in this little gem we call Alaska's 49 Flavorite Recipes.

If you don’t mind reading more about the Last Frontier, indulge yourself and explore our website. For inquiries about our cookbook, contact us in Anchorage via phone or email.


A full-grown moose is taller than a horse and can weigh as much as 1,300 lbs. Although the moose is the largest member of the deer family, it can run as fast as 34 miles per hour. These animals have bells, a skin that dangles from the chin.

Only male moose grow antlers and antlers can weigh as much as 65 lbs. and grow as tall as 5 ft. Moose are great swimmers and can dive as much as 16 ft. foraging for food.

Male moose are called bulls, females are called cows, and baby moose and called calves. 


Pronounced zoo-kee-nee, zucchini is originally from Italy. This squash can be eaten both raw and cooked, and the flower that blooms in it is also edible. Zucchini can weigh over 1.500 lbs. and grow over 99 inches
in length.


There are five species of salmon in Alaska. They are born in fresh water and migrate to the sea, returning to fresh water to reproduce (spawn). The size, color, and characteristics of salmon vary, and the colors change as they migrate from the sea to fresh waters. Beaver ponds are great habitats for juvenile salmon.

English Muffins

Contrary to popular belief, English muffins are not well-known in England. Plus, they are grilled, not baked. They are called English muffins to differentiate from the American muffin and cupcakes. McDonald’s has been using the term “English muffins” since 1964.

Trail Mix

A trail mix is a type of snack mix that originated with the Native Americans. Today’s trail mix can include dried fruit, nuts, crackers, candy or chocolate, and even dried meats. It’s best enjoyed while hiking and walking on trails.


The farming town of Palmer was named after entrepreneur George W. Palmer, who built a trading post in the Matanuska Valley in the 1890s. The Valley is famous for Alaska's giant vegetables. During late August, Palmer holds the Alaska State Fair.